WSJ: "the next-level buy among cocoa cognoscenti is origin-made chocolate"

thanks to The Wall Street Journal Off Duty for reproduction permission"In short, where the cocoa beans grow matters. And, increasingly, where the chocolate is made is gaining equal billing on the labels of some of the best bars. Most commercially available chocolate contains a blend of bulk, or commodity, cocoa from any number of unnamed places. Chocolate labeled “single-origin” contains co- coa sourced from only one country or region. And every producing country — from Colombia to Papua New Guinea — has something unique to offer. Beans vary from harvest to harvest, and you’ll find diversity within a country as well as in the methods specific chocolate makers use.

via The Wall Street Journal (sign in needed)

About our Grenada Chocolate WSJ say "Among the first origin chocolate makers to gain international recognition, the Grenada Chocolate Company works with small cocoa farmers to create its bars, including the mouthwatering Salty-Licious."

Chocolate lovers based in the USA can order our bars from our online partners Chocsphere, as well as from outlets in EU and NZ

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